tal:aj is a board brand from Hungray. We make longbords and cruisers.



Don`t get miss leaded, these are not skateboards, never been.

These are boards, on four wheels optionally.

What these good for? Maybe to relive what Tibor did on a blue trial board, on the service road behind the blocks.

Just stopped on the top of the slope, took a huge breath and kicked off. The board took off rhythmically pounding, almost actually moaning.

The trees were gliding next to him like a zoetrope. The speed and the driving winds squeezed tears out of his eyes, but Tibike was a Man, opened his eyes and with the strength of the people there was happiness running through his veins ruffling his skin over his spine, until the  sunset was kissing his freckled face.

He was Free!

So this is what it`s probably good for…